Where do i control the font being used for the symbols (# b) used in chord symbols?

• Dec 8, 2022 - 03:14

Where do i control the font being used for the sharp & flat symbols (# b) used in chords symbols?

I am using "Inkpen2 Chords" font which i have set Format Style > Text Styles > Chord Symbol > Font

However, the sharp and flat symbols seem to be from a different font set? Please see attached screenshot.


If your selected font is missing those symbols MuseScore will fall back to a different one (not sure which one). It used to be FreeSerif/FreeSans, but it very well might be Edwin these days.

Although I'm rather guessing that inkpen does have that glyph as shown in there (it doesn't remind me of the defaults of MuseScore).

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I'm guessing that font includes the symbol but not in the standard Unicode or SMuFL location, so it isn't being found when MuseScore tries to render the font. If you're seeing it when you first type, it's probably misusing the regular number/pound/hashtag sign instead of providing a true sharp sign at the proper location. You could either edit the font to fix that -= copying the # sign to where the sharp is supposed to be - or, perhaps, create a custom chord description XML file that tells MuseScore where to find the sharp. Neither are simle tasks, but both are possible.

Or just choose a different font that includes proper accidentals. MsueScore 3 provides a coupe of handwritten fonts already, and MsueScore provides more. An advantage - it will also look correct on musescore.com or on anyone else's system.

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