Can't decrease space between notes while doing Cross-staff notation.

• Dec 9, 2022 - 11:16

Can't decrease space between last two notes.

The last note does not want to decrease by draging it by mouse.

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I think what you are seeing is technically the correct spacing. The noteheads are equally spaced, the left/right handedness of the stems is what make it look uneven. However, you can adjust the position of the last note in the inspector either by adjusting the leading space in the "segment" section or the x offset in the "chord" section. The leading space is to be preferred as it will also apply to all notes at the same position within the beat. If you adjust the x offset it would mean that the notehead would not align vertically with another note that should sound at the same time but as you have no such notes, it probably won't matter. For what it's worth, my personal approach would be to leave it as musescore has (correctly) written it.

FWIW, MuseScore 4 does "optical" spacing, which should improve the default look in cases like this where the correct"mathematical" spacing ends up looking strange because of the different stem directions.

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Surely something would have to look strange if the notes in the example would be accompanied by 4 x 16ths with stems all in one direction in another voice or stave - either the group with ups and down stems would have noteheads with uneven looking spacing or the group with one-way stems would have actual uneven spacing.

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Yes, there will always be cases where something is strange, and cases where you might want to fiddle with things. But here is how that example looks:

Screenshot 2022-12-09 9.46.01 AM.png

I can see quite a few improvements here:

  • the spacing of the cross-staff sixteenths looks better in MU4 (in both cases - the first one was also uneven-looking before)
  • the angle of the last cross-staff beam is better in MU4, in that it respects the overall direction of the line
  • the stem lengths for the first cross-staff beam is better in MU4 - more consistent between staves
  • the spacing between the first group of sixteenths and the arpeggio is improved in MU4
  • the beam angle for the sixteenths and eighths in the LH is improved in MU4 - was too slanted bnefore

That's quite the improvement, really, in just one measure!

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