MS4 - Can't move with the middle mouse button after selecting a note

• Dec 14, 2022 - 17:48

If you click on a note and try to move while holding down the middle mouse button it tries to move the note, even if your mouse is nowhere near it, a fix for this would be that it would only move the note if your mouse is on top of it


I'm not sure middle mouse button is meant to be a supported action in MU4. What were you expect it to do? An alternate form of dragging the canvas, perhaps? Usually the wheel is the way to do that.

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I don’t have a physical mouse wheel - I use a touchpad - but I’m still not understanding why you would press the mouse wheel rather than simply turn to move the score. Anyhow, as I said, I don’t j know if this was meant to be supported or not, but I guess we’ll see if others report similar expectations and similar problems, and if so, it would be best to open an issue on GitHub so it can be investigated.

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In a bunch of programs pressing the mouse wheel provides a scrolling anchor point reference on screen, after which moving the mouse results in scrolling in that direction (both left/right and up/down combined). Pressing that mouse wheel again exits such a mode.
On some mice the middle mouse button triggers a similar function.

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Hey all, just wanted to add that in MS3, I always dragged the canvas by using the middle mouse button simply because it did not select or deselect any elements. It's an old habit from 3D modelling software, but it always worked in MS. Now I find myself dragging a note around by mistake every few minutes. I'll probably just switch to carefully using the left mouse button instead, but it was indeed a beloved "feature," intentional or not. As for why not to just "use the wheel," that only scrolls vertically. I like to use page layout. It's the easiest way to move left and right. On trackpad, 2 fingers is obviously perfect.

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Your answers are really not helpful Marc. Users (like myself) were really accustomed to this feature. In many other programms (mostly technical applications i believe) it is standard to drag accross the screen with the middle mouse button. It worked in Musescore 3 and it does not work anymore now.

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Just want to echo atSteini. I come from a graphic design/architecture background. The ability to drag the canvas around while holding the middle mouse button is a feature by default in all the industry standards within these fields (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, Affinity, Rhino, Revit, AutoCAD...). Not having the ability to do so in MuseScore4 is not only jarring to my expected workflow, but ultimately a bit inconvenient. I understand MuseScore is not part of my background, but we are still talking ultimately talking about a digital canvas onto which you are drawing/placing/editing shapes, imagery, etc.

It's true that there are scroll wheels, and yes you can use page up and down. But all of those require moving your hands or your cursor to a largely different area than the current work "zone", thus disrupting workflow. Using the mouse wheel allows the user to pan the image no matter where they are currently focused. In those setups, typically the cursor/mouse is used for "visual data" entry/editing, and navigation (right hand), and the left hand sits on the keyboard for hotkeys, command entry, etc. This is actually pretty much how MuseScore is already set up as well, when you're in Note Entry mode - Cursor places notes on the score, left hand hits number keys and other hotkeys to modify what the cursor is inputting. I.e., cursor indicates where, keys indicate what. In this setup, it is more natural to have the navigation also tied to the mouse rather than the keys (page up/down are on a largely different area of the keyboard than the typical note entry keys, requiring repositioning the hand to a different area of the keyboard, breaking focus/workflow).

I understand this may not be a functionality you see as useful for your own workflow, and of course I'm talking about specifically keyboard and physical mouse setups (a touchpad is an entirely different beast), however I would urge you to think more on this particular feature. For many of us, it is not only useful, but expected. Thanks.

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