Musescore 4- Playback is incredibly stuttered

• Dec 14, 2022 - 23:17

I recently downloaded Musecore 4 to take advantage of the new features, but it is extremely difficult to use, as the playback always stutters and is extremely inconsistent. As per another user's suggestion, I increased the Audio Buffer size to the maximum, but no difference was made.
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I'm using Focusrite 2i2 Gen2 which ASIO based USB audio interface.

in MS3, I/O Preferences shows ASIO, but MS4 only shows Speakers (Focusrite USB Audio).

I'm wondering MS4 not support ASIO natively,

for Reaper DAW, Once the buffer size adjusted manually, the Focusrite device settings pops up from notification (win11) shows the DAW had changed the buffer size and matched automatically to the DAW,
but MS4 not.

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I'm having the same problem, though increasing the buffer size did help a little in quieter sections of wind ensemble pieces I'm working on. I've checked that my audio drivers are up to date, which they are, though I've had audio driver issues in the past, they were related to my microphone on an old headset I used and not speaker output. My playback sounds like the audio engine just can't keep up with the amount of information is has to handle (40+ parts across the full range of dynamics), so it stutters, slows down to a crawl, and occasionally distorts sounds. I think whatever it is that draws the score on the screen is interfering with the audio engine, as scrolling left or right in a single part with the arrow keys causes the same issues. When I was running the MS Basic sounds, I was able to get playback to work okay enough, but the score wouldn't display after a page break for a couple of seconds and would sometimes cause the playback to stutter or slow down a little.

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tried on both Win PC, i5-6500 and i3-7350K
The official demo - Searching Four.mscz eats up CPU resources at 60-70% generally, some times surge to 80%,
which Muse Sounds used. once quit MS4 and re-open the same file, the playback problem gone.
furthermore, checked the size of Muse sounds, it occupied over 13GB, so we may need SSD to operate.

Same here. So far, I've imported several old MuseScore 3 files, and created new ones from MIDI files. Playback always stutters. The severity varies - sometimes it's not too bad on first opening a MIDI file, then it will get worse on the second playing. There's also a huge amount of reverb, which can't be turned off.

Buffer size has no effect.

Operating system is Windows 10. Processor is an AMD 810-6800K running at 4GHz. 24Gb of memory, plenty of hard disc space.

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It certainly is a bummer, all the hoops we have to jump through. And finding just the right combination of settings.
Do you have an HDD or SSD?
I have a Focurite usb audio interface that has been the last bit of the puzzle for me.

Years ago, I broke the headphone/microphone jack on an old laptop of mine. I bought a really cheap Diamond Sound tube, (the equivalent of a modern $20 interface that has a usb on one end and a mic jack and headphone jack on the other) that old Diamond still works and makes my underpowered computer playback MS4 correctly.

OTOH, my desktop, which is not all that powerful by todays standards, hardly needs any tweaks. Go figure.

I can't guarantee it will fix it for everyone, but I found a suggestion elsewhere on the forum. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. it's usually set to 96KHz. I tried setting it to 48KHz, and Musescore 4 is now more or less happy.

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