Muted Brass

• Dec 15, 2022 - 22:28

I downloaded MuseSounds and would like to change the trumpet and french horn from open to muted.

Regrettably, the 'mute' from the text pallet does not change the sound into a nasal, sharp tone colour.

Does MuseSounds include muted sounds for Brass at all?

Thank you in advance!


I'm looking for those muted brass instruments, too! I did find that when putting chords above a part (such as in a jazz solo) that there is a mixer channel created way down to the right. (I couldn't figure out how to lower the volume on my guitar chords as the old mixer used to "slide open" to show several channels, one of which was Harmony. Now, those guitar chords are on their own... again, way down to the right side.)

I'm also interested in this! I play trumpet... :-( ?
imo there are 4 fairly distinctive "mutes" for trumpet (and bone). French horns only have 1 afaik.
In simplistic terms on trumpet...
A cup mute baffles and dulls the sound.
A straight mute "brightens" the sound; it's effect is to make the sound "tinny".
Harmon mute (or wawa) is also tinny but with a "plunger" attachment that can be
covered (+) or uncovered (o). Wawa effect. But in big bands the plunger is often just left out.
[ I know some really good trumpet players that have lost their plunger attachment. :-) ]
The bucket mute is #4; I typically don't use it and prefer my flugelhorn. Different yet again, but similar.
So imo the term "mute" could be any of these (in real life the default is usually straight).
I think 2 words should describe trumpet (and trombone) mutes for Musescore.
This assortment would be wonderful. But practically I think it is a long way out.
BUT I REALLY WANT THE DEVELOPERS to keep this variety and complexity in mind when they get there.
And I thank you all for listening to this.

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