Significant lag for in-app playback in musescore 4

• Dec 16, 2022 - 02:32
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I'm running Windows 10 on a 64-bit Acer laptop. In MuseScore 4, every time I play something back, it lags terribly, causing an irritating clicking sound, distorting basic rhythms, and frequently playing the same note twice for no good reason, making the in-app playback function all but useless for evaluating my work. Exported files play back properly, and I haven't had this issue with past versions of MuseScore,


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I'm having similar problems. Sometimes, it works just fine, but other times, there's an annoying crackling sound. I'm not sure, but it mostly seems to be happening with strings.

I'm on a Mac, and have the same problems. Significant lag in playback and distortion. I'm going back to 3.5 until this issue is fixed.

same problem for me :( I have Musescore 4 running on my Windows 10 and playback lags horribly; not making clicking noises or anything, just lagging. But because of the lagging it messes up simple rhythms for me too. It's especially unfortunate because it makes it really difficult for me to get the right idea of what my arrangement actually sounds like.

No idea why this is happening but there is so much lag just generally. It seems to me like it might have something to do with the length and the number of parts in the piece but as someone who uses this to write concert band music, it's making it unusable. Could it have something to do with how the new audio is stored or used, making it significantly slower than older versions? Could someone try using musescore 4 without the enhanced audio installed and see if that helps? I will also try and see if it helps at all.

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I have experienced the same. I have noticed that the lag is the least offensive when selecting in the I/O settings the audio device is whatever is built-in (not system default but simply the built in speakers and the buffer is lowered to 1024 (on a Mac running 16 gigs of memory space of which MuseScore only uses up at most 1.26 gigs during playback on a full orchestral score with all instruments playing)). That seems to work best for me in terms of playback and note input lag.
But I am experiencing general lag with most things (even the way the score seems to move when I am scrolling around seems much more impacted than in previous versions of MuseScore.

I am also having playback issues on this version OS: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-223472159, revision: 5485621 in that the playback is not in sync with the position pointer line. I am also finding that when I change instruments the new instrument does not play back in sync until I rewind to the beginning and restart playback from bar 1.

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If you open the mixer, some most of the lag stops, (but it will still lag if you are creating a full marching/concert band piece). I do this all the time, but it is still REALLY annoying when you have to have the mixer open 24/7

Same problem here on Win 10 x64, no fancy setup, just a regular PC, no custom audio interface. Latest version of MuseScore 4 with Muse Sounds. Initially the demo was unplayable, it was lagging as heck. And after a while things fix themselves magically. Most of the time playback is fine, sometimes it crackles and/or stutters. I have major lag with input when using my midi keyboard. Some lag even when using the default, normal soundfonts.

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I have the same thing. It only stops lagging when i roll the mouse wheel for some reason, or moving the score around. very weird

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Same here. Win 10 x64.
FWIW, there is no option in the new Preferences I can find for using ASIO drivers, which I would think should help. Previous versions did have this option, and playback was fine with respect to synchronicity with playback cursor.