Muse Strings volume issues

• Dec 16, 2022 - 21:08

Am I the only one who finds the sound Balance of Muse Strings extremely uneven? Especially when playing solo, the Viola (and, to a lesser extent, Violin 2) sample is almost inaudible, either on its own or in ensemble, even at strong dynamics. For instance, A melody on Viola playing at Forte is drowned out by a mezzo Forte Violin to the point that it appears half as loud in the mixer. I know violins are naturally louder instruments, but this level of discrepancy seems absurd, and makes playing back a string quartet realistically in Muse Sounds effectively impossible.

It's to the point that Forte Dynamics on Viola (Solo) seem equivalent to mezzo Piano dynamics on Violin 1! Is this an intentional feature? Are we just expected to jack the Viola up in the Mixer? Am I the only one with this problem?

I adore Musecore 4 but until little issues like this are fixed I feel like I have to keep running scores through Noteperformer in Sibelius to achieve a properly realistic playback, which is just upsetting


I have the same issue. In one of my string quartets there is a section where all four instruments start in piano and the first violin is much louder than the others. In the mixer I can observe about twice as much level in violin 1.
There is something weird going on though, because sometimes it does playback at an acceptably low volume. Some testing shows that when the first violin plays quarter note, quarter rest, quarter note, quarter rest and so fourth the volume is ok. As soon as there are two quarter notes after another already the first of the two (even if it is in a different bar) plays much louder.

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I find that even in Sibelius I often have to have two scores. One that I mark up to get the playback I want. And another for real players. I've gotten used to it. So if I have to change something like dynamics to get the playback I want, so be it.

I am noticing the same thing when scoring for brass band or orchestra. As impressive as the new sounds are, the balance between sections of instruments is less "realistic" as it used to be with the old sounds. (as imperfect as MIDI always will be compare to the real thing). It gets even worse when properly "mixed" score, balanced about right is uploaded online and played back with the "preview" sounds. Dynamic ranges between "reasonably" written dynamics (mf to f) are way too dramatic for my taste as well. You can "work around" all of that, I guess, but it is way too much trouble for a "preview" playback.

Another thing I had happen way too many times, were "missing", for no reason muted notes, that properly appear in score, as well as some note durations being too short or too long for no apparent reason.

Shame. I love the "realism" of the new sounds, but will switch back to the old ones, it seems :(

I haven't really had issues that I've noticed with balance in the string quartet. But the piano trio, that's another matter, I always have to set the cello +3.3 dB for the piano trio. It's like piano and violin are well balanced, violin and cello are balanced enough to both be heard in a duet, but piano and cello is not that well balanced, the piano overwhelms the cello.

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