Crash on first opening Muse Hub: "Unable to install the .NET Runtime which is required for Muse Hub"

• Dec 17, 2022 - 03:34

Reproduction steps:
- Download latest release from homepage
- Start Muse_Hub.exe
(tested both double clicking, and right clicking it and running as administrator)
- Hit "Yes" in UAC prompt

The splash screen (attached below) is shown for a split second before being replaced by the error dialog.

My Windows install is <1 month old (details attached below).



In reply to by Jimmy Lio

I've tried looking up a download for WindowsAppRuntimeInstall.exe. but I can't find anything. I have tried fixing this problem so many times; restarting my laptop and redownloading musehub, trying to update my computer etc. I can't fix this .net runtime error...

I have the exact same issue. .NET runtime is installed on my machine as part of Visual Studio, and I'm connected to the internet while running the installer.

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