MS4 Sounds, Woodwinds, Bb Clarinet... is this on purpose?

• Dec 17, 2022 - 05:21


The samples for the clarinets all sound lovely. And I am enjoying the bass clarinet sound a lot.. but...

Why does the playback seem to automatically add 'amateur-sound' scoops and pops? On any score where I write an altissimo note for the clarinet playback, the 'clarinetist' can't hit the note cleanly. If the note is a semi-tone or tone away it is semi-smooth.. intervals of a third or more have a 'scoop' that is typically a 'beginner clarinet player' problem, and not something we seek at all in orchestral playing.

I've attached a score -- bar 4 the clarinet 1 part goes from a C to an E -- it slides/glissandos. Not written or desired.. Bar 11 F# up to Altissimo D , huge scoop...

Also, the 'starting' articulation is very harsh..

The sample is wonderful.. the non-staccato/non-accented articulation, and the unstable/automated note-scooping make it unusable for most compositions. Some specific dixieland/klezmer/specific jazz styles perhaps , but by and large -- no one wants to sound like that. I certainly can't send my clarinet quartet demos of arrangements for feedback when it sounds like that.

I'm back to MS3. I have soundfonts installed and balanced -- and they sound so much less alive than the MS4 woodwinds pack -- but the janky articulation and glissandos... i can't do it. The playback seem to add its own articulations where none are marked, and that's definitely a challenge...

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Have the many issues with the Muse Sounds woodwinds been fixed yet? I am horrified by some of the missing notes and wrong timings for oboe, clarinet and bassoon and it is making mince meat of my orchestral score. Seems to be more prominent in the keys I work with. my only alternative is to switch back to MS basic, but that is such a downgrade it deters me from writing.

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