MuseHub Helper requirement is preventing MuseHub from opening / Also trying to move sound library

• Dec 17, 2022 - 07:49

I'm now getting an error message that MuseHub needs to install a helper, but then the helper installation is unsuccessful (see attached screenshot) and MuseHub won't open.

More detail:
I was able to install and open Muse Hub successfully initially. I used it to install MuseScore, and then then started to download all the new MuseSound libraries. All of the libraries downloaded successfully EXCEPT the keys library which seemed to get hung up at the very end of the installation process. No amount of restarting MuseHub or the download process would fix the issue.

Also... as the libraries were downloading I realized that I didn't want that 14+ GB of sounds on my system drive (didn't see the the sound location option in the setting menu until after the instruments were already downloading). After all the instruments (except the keyboards) were finished downloading, I located the Instruments folder and moved that entire folder to an external drive. I also switched the sounds location path in MuseHub's settings to the external drive. I hoped that this would eliminate the need to redownload the sounds. It seemed like maybe it worked when I tried to play back one of the sample scores in MuseScore, however it was after I made this change that MuseHub started prompting me to install the helper and then would not open.

I've done everything I can think of except restarting my computer (which I'll do as soon as I send this message) or trying to completely uninstall MuseHub and MuseScore and start from scratch.

Please help. Thanks!

PS - I would recommend that when a new user first tries to install a sound library they should prompted to select the installation location. Not many people are going to make their way to the Settings window before they start clicking on the sound installers that are in a very prominent location.

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I've tried restarting the computer.

I've tried trashing the Muse Hub app.

I've tried trashing any com.muse... folders and files in the Container folder (since I can't find any "Uninstall" function outside the app that won't open). Those folders and files won't allow themselves to be trashed because there's some other Muse activity that's apparently running and preventing them from being deleted.

If there's not an easy way to get this helper to work and get Muse Hub to open, I want to completely wipe everything Muse related off my computer and start from scratch. What's the best way to do that?

Yes, the exact thing happened here. I also chose a location on an external disk fot the Sounds, but didn't start downloading. I think after deleting app and launch agents etc and installing the app again three times, it now works.

However....with the external disk clearly chosen as the path in the Hub, it still installs all the sounds on the internal disk. It just makes makes a, seemingly, identical path in the hidden "Volumes" folder on the Mac and puts all sounds there (It creates a folder with the same name as the external disk). I've tried moving the sounds to the external disk, without luck.

Something is not right here.

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