Application close when adding slur on bass cleff

• Dec 18, 2022 - 15:55
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Bar number 32, piano part, if I add B on bass clef and try to add "legato slur" to combine 1/8 + 1/4 it crashes.

This was a 3.x score just converted on musescore 4 format, and trying to add some part and testing new engine...

by the way, GREAT WORK FOLKS!!!!!!!!!

note: I selected 4-dev, but this is really 4.0.0 from muse hub as installed in last couple of days...

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First of all, You're correct: my is the first report on the issue, but I've tried several time (and finally gave up on adding this particular slur in this particular point...) and always adding THIS slur in that point BOOM it crashed...
The strange thing, I would add if of any note, is that MuseScore after the crash reports the file as "corrupted", but I was able to recover it, and continue editing and I've added (in order to test) some more bars and notes on the ending with no crash if not touchet this particular bar...

Frequency Once Few

When loading this score, musescore warns me that it's corrupted. The bass clef piano part at measure 32 has 5 beats in 4/4 time, so that's likely the source of the crash (which I can reproduce).

Yes, original score opens correctly.
Probably, adding another staff (on musescore 4) and doing some data input, I've been able to put 5 beats in 4/4...
not sure how I've done it (I was struggling with legato and I've thought it was this that crashed the program).
If it is enough to cancel and rewrite the meause OK, I can fix it!

No way, there's something I do not get maybe...
test 1) I've tried to fix the score... deleted 5 beats on measure 32, re-added correct beats, seems ok... BUT If I save it and reopen-it, it returns as it was with 5 beats in a 4/4 measure... no way
test 2) Added a measure, copied good part from next beat to the new, inserted from scratch 4/4 on bass... and it SEEMS all ok in 4/4
...and I've tried saving with new name, but when I add a Tie sign, musescore crashed

How Can i Fix a "broken beat" if I cannot see this broken part?

a add actual version of the score (without tie on bar 32 because it crashes...)

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