Cross head notes sustaining forever in musescore 4.

• Dec 18, 2022 - 16:50

I have a piece i'm working on for an event with a vocal line. When regular note-heads are used there is no issue but notes with cross heads which i use to indicate speech instead of singing, the note becomes held for the rest of the song and creates nasty discords. Is anyone else having this issue? How do i fix it? I've tried on 2 separate laptops now (windows and mac). Also, this issue isn't isolated to this score, it has occurred in all pieces I've opened with cross note heads in vocal lines.

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I also had this problem. To fix it, I added hidden staccato markings to all the notes. The playback is obviously affected, but it stops the notes holding forever and looks the same in the printed version.
Hope that helps.

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