Bar extends indefinitely on step time note input

• Dec 18, 2022 - 20:26

Check the attached MS4 Score. Inputting notes by step input will extend the 4/4 bar indefinitely.

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How certain are you that you are in fact using step-time note input mode and not "Insert" mode. What you describe as happening exactly matches the latter.

If this is in step-time mode, then please elaborate on exactly how we should attempt to enter notes to see this bug happening. What I tried was click on the last note in your first measure and typed "N" to enter note input mode (step-time) and then typed in some pitch names, which worked just normally.

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Ok, you are right. I must have unknowingly used the "Insert" mode. After specifically activating the "Step-Time Mode" everything worked as expected. And I think I know what happened. In MS3 I never typed "N" to activate step-time input mode but I simply clicked on a rest and typed the letter of a note. MS3 then went into step-time input mode. MS4 on the other hand goes into "Insert" mode. Is this intentionally different? Could create some confusion like it did in my case.

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Seems to still use whichever mode was active for me, even without first pressing "N".
What does perform an insert even though step-time is selected is to hold Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+notename. But as soon as I let go of the modifier keys I'm back into whichever input mode was active.

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