MuseScore 4.0 keyboard shortcuts

• Dec 18, 2022 - 22:11

The keyboard shortcut "tab" and "shift-tab" don't work anymore to move from bar to bar to enter chords quickly. How can I get this function back? When I set a user keyboard shorcut "tab" for "advance cursor: next measure" it does not help. Tab always makes a selection of a command in the gui. Can you please help. This has been a vital function for lightning fast entering of chords.
Also the new keyboard shortcut "simicolon" does not work.
Best, Stephan


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I can't find anything in the MS4 documentation about the Tab key and if/how it can be mapped. I'm wondering if changes were made for accessibility reasons, and if so, whether users may in some future release be able to override that behavior and assign the tab key as a shortcut key for score engraving (notes, text, etc.).

Yes, command-right doesn't work for me either.
However, you can actually just change the shortcut to TAB again and it works as it did in Musescore 3.

On my Mac, Command + Right Arrow (defined in Preferences as "go to next measure") DOES NOT move you to the next measure when in chord symbol entry mode. Although Preferences>Shortcuts lists many different shortcuts for advancing the cursor when entering chord symbols, there is no listing for advance to the next or previous measure when in chord symbol entry mode.

Why is this function missing on Macs? Does anyone know how to fix this--or is it a bug in the Mac version of MuseScore 4?

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