musescore 4 doesnt play any sounds on linux

• Dec 19, 2022 - 19:15

i'm using pop os 22.04 64bit with musescore 4 but neither the playback neither pressing on the note plays a sound can anybody help?


Same problem on Ubuntu 22.04...
It seems like just not finding an audio output...
The setting is "System default" which is definitely working, so the problem is within MuseScore 4.
...just not usable like this.

I've got the same problem - hitting the playback button does not lead to any movement of the playback cursor and no sound. No option available to switch to the ALSA driver in the Prderences I/O section. In fact changing anything in that window leads to a system freeze.

Version - MuseScore-
Ubuntu 22.04 on a Mackbook Pro,
ALSA k5.15.0-58-generic installed

Many thanks for Musescore 4 - it looks awesome and I can't wait to properly use it.

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