Musescore 4 playback speed

• Dec 19, 2022 - 23:39

How do you change the playback speed in Musescore 4.

It was easy in Musescore 3 with the play panel, but I cannot find any way to do it.

Has anyone solved this one?


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Thanks for your reply. I tried clicking on the dots and dragging. It moved the bar with the icons around the score, but I could not find a tempo slider or anything that resembled the Play Panel in MS3. I might have done something wrong in the process, but any additional help would be appreciated.

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Well, I'm not sure why you're not able to see the tempo slider. If you lft-click and drag the 6 dots down a bit, you should see the word "Tempo" at the bottom left of the play panel, and to the right of the word Tempo is a slider that will be at 100% by default -- you can drag that slider to your desired playback speed.

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I do like that it is a percentage, saves doing math when you want to hear it at half speed etc. If there are tempo changes in the piece, all sections will play at a percentage of the original. Which is good.

But it is strange that you need to undock the toolbar to see it, I also thought it wasn't there until I saw a forum post explaining how to see it.

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> How do you change the playback speed in Musescore 4.

I found the the answer here as I could not find it intuitively (thanks!):


My suggestion is to make the tempo slider available under a toggle button. To get some inspiration for improvement, Capella has a very powerful tempo change interface for practicing purposes:


I miss a (1 bar) count-in metronome when pressing the playback button, correct?

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Thanks for this video.

How on earth is one supposed to figure that out?

These types of 6-point-grab-icons are commonly used in sofware to move toolbars around, but completely new buttons appearing when un-docking the panel?
I've been using and programming GUIs for 24 years and I would never have guessed that.

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