Loop Playback in MuseScore 4

• Dec 20, 2022 - 05:49


I've got a piece w 2 parts and 2 sections (call them A and B), each to be repeated once (overall form AABB). When I press loop playback, markers are set, but playback never gets past the A part (looping over and over). What's up?



Confirmed. I opened your score and in the Playback toolbar toggled Loop playback on. MuseScore 4.01 added flags to the beginning and end of the score. But playback cycled Part A playback only.

I tried with different flag positions and (due to prior issues when using Loop Playback in MuseScore 4) conclude that Loop Playback is pretty messed up in 4.x. In testing your score I found that with Loop Playback enabled sometimes MuseScore ignores the loop flags entirely, but I've been unable to cite steps to replicate this behavior.


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