How to change the beaming of ALL MEASURES at the same time??

• Dec 20, 2022 - 21:15


I have a piece that has many changing time signatures, and I realized that the beaming in every instance of 7/8 defaulted to 3+2+2 whereas I want it as 2+2+3. The problem is, no matter what I try, I can only alter one measure at a time, one instrument at a time. For a piece where the time signature changes often, this is suuuuuper tedious.
I promise I have tried everything I could find on the internet, and I really don't mean for this to sound snippy, but please do not refer me to any other article unless you are sure that it has the answer I need, I have spent over an hour looking through the forum trying to find an answer, but no one seems to have this exact problem. I have enough experience with this forum to know firsthand that often a question will be left unanswered in favor of a link to a different thread that I've already looked at.
I also know all about the option to change the default beaming for a time signature, but the problem is that it still is only changing the beaming for the particular measure AND instrument where I clicked on the time signature to get the properties. Regardless of whether or not I have all instances of the time signature in question highlighted, it only seems to effect one at a time. For example, the piano in measure 10, I tried to change the default beaming but it only fixed the right hand. I have tried resetting the beams entirely, making sure they are all on AUTO before changing the beams, etc. idk what to do at this point.

i don't know if its a software thing on my end, but I would really appreciate any help. I just want to change the beaming for every 7/8 measure at the same time if it's possible. Let me know!

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I ended up making a new custom version of 7/8 with my preferred beaming and replacing all instances of 7/8 with my new 7/8. Kind of frustrating that there's no easier way to do this, though I suppose that's a suggestion for a future version of musescore!

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"Kind of frustrating that there's no easier way to do this"

Actually I find it quite useful to create a Custom time signature and to add it to the Time Signature palette for future use.

But (being forgetful) I have to add a description to any Custom time signature, as shown in the screenshot below. To add the description, right-click the new time signature in the palette, choose Properties, add your description to the default Name property.

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I ran into the same problem, the solution was...
1. Create a Custom Time Signature with the desired beaming (under More in the Palettes)
2. Right Click on the new Time Signature, go to properties and give it a name
3. Drag it on to the score over the time signature to be replaced
4. Select all the measure that need to be updated, then go to Format > Reset Beams

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