"a tempo" under the tempo pallette

• Dec 21, 2022 - 01:24

Love the new addition of accel/rit/rall in MuseScore 4. Could we have an "a tempo" option under the tempo pallette that'd return it to the tempo listed before the rit/rall/accel? Thank you!


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It is not always certain which other tempo element should be linked to, just as it is not always certain in published scores which tempo should be returned to. One example would be rall. followed by molto rall. In that case does a tempo mean the player should return to the tempo before or after that first rall. Best guess would be before, but could that be handled automatically? Return to "the tempo before the last tempo change" would aim for the tempo after the rall, but before the molto rall.

Simplest implementation would be to allow (require?) the user to specify the target tempo. But that can be done already after adding a non-numeric tempo text (e.g. "allegro", rather than a BPM indication), bar the "a tempo" label, and that is just an edit away.

I know what you mean, I don't know if this a bug or intentional but it is nice that it now plays them but the entire score seems to stay in the tempo of that particular direction for the entire score. I thought it might be if the lines specified that is where the rall was it would just return to the original tempo once the lines weren't there.

I would love for "a tempo" to be added to the Tempo pallette as well. Maybe what the developers can do is when we add the a tempo, another pop up will show for us to indicate the tempo that the "a tempo" will have moving forward to the piece? so the sheet music will show "a tempo" instead of the bpm.

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