WAV file to score

• Dec 21, 2022 - 04:12

Some time ago I was able to save a MuseScore 3 score to a WAV file and send it a friend. Due to a crash I lost the original score but found the WAV file in sent mail. How can I find the WAV file with MuseScore and convert it back to score(mscz)?


Unfortunately I don't think you'll find many good audio to MIDI conversion methods out there - it can potentially work if you're just dealing with one instrument playing one note at a time (you can convert singing into MIDI relatively easily with some autotune software, for example) but if you've got a whole score with chords or multiple instruments, I think you're out of luck.

Only thing you can do is re-transcribe the work as best you can, or maybe pay someone else to do it for you.

I once had three different chickens (instruments) each lay an egg. I burst them open, mixed them all together to bake a very tasty omelet. (exporting to wav).

I would now please get my three original eggs back from said omelet.

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