• Dec 21, 2022 - 06:16

I have one more question: How do I transfer my custom templates from MS3 to MS4? And, since we are at it how do I save new custom templates in MS4? So far all I have found out is that this is possible in MS4.

Thanks for your help!


Just copy them accross to the MU4 templates folder.
Or open them in MS4 from the MS3 templates folder, then save in the MS4 templates folder

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"Templates are a bit broken in MS4 I think, it still doesn't show templates in either folder"
Well, storing and loading a template works fine for me in MS4.

Check that you are storing your templates in the same MS4 Templates folder as defined here:
Edit > Preferences > General > Folders > Templates
If these templates have been copied across from MS3, then it's a good idea to open the template file in its new MS4 folder and save the file in MS4 format. This will avoid constant reminders about MS3 format every time you open the template in MS4.

Then you can create a new score from a template in MS4 with this menu path:
File > New > New score > Category > My templates > choose from Templates list
File > Save As > new score name (to avoid overwriting the template)

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