Applying dynamics, etc to entire systems

• Dec 21, 2022 - 07:25

I’m really liking MuseScore 4, especially the new sound fonts, but there are a few features I can’t find anymore, and I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not looking in the right place or the feature no longer exists.

The main feature I miss is the ability to apply dynamics, hairpins, etc. to whole systems, staff, or single part. I find this ability extremely useful, and used to select my preference in the Inspector palette, but can no longer find the option.

Can you tell me if there is an equivalent function in MuseScore 4 and where to find it? If not, please give thought to returning that ability in a future release.

Thank you for all your great work on this fantastic new release!


Select the top measure, [Shift] - click on bottom measure (or [Shift][DownArrow], repeat as necessary) to select the staves you want) then click on the dynamic in the palette.

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Thank you, this works well for applying the same dynamic indication to multiple staves.

Unfortunately, it doesn't provide the same feature that MS3 had - i.e. the ability to create one hairpin or dynamic on one staff, and apply its properties to the entire system. This MS3 feature is extremely useful when improving the sound of a piece where you do not necessarily want to show the actual dynamics, which is often the case with my transcriptions (where I don't want to visually "contaminate" another composer's work with my own dynamic preferences).

Another thing I can't find is a way to set the velocity for a dynamic on a case-by-case basis. This was especially useful in balancing the sound in orchestral works - sometimes the built-in velocities for p, mp, mf, f, etc. are just not exactly what is needed. Also I can't find a way to adjust the velocity change in hairpins - it appears with MS4, one must always put a dynamic indicator at the end of a hairpin.

I used the velocity adjustment and "apply to system" capabilities frequently in MS3, and I notice when I open an MS3 file in MS4, all those settings are still programmed in somehow, but I can no longer find a way to adjust them in MS4. I must say that the resulting sound is fantastic on those imported files, so I'm excited about maintaining these capabilities while working in MS4 if at all possible.

Can you tell me if there is an existing method for velocity adjustment and/or applying a single dynamic notation to an entire system in MS4? If not, please consider adding those features in a future update. I truly find them indispensable, to a point where I may continue using MS3 for my transcribing/composing activities, and only open them in MS4 as a final step for best sound.

Thanks again!

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Sorry, I am writing re an original composition where I cannot simply getr hairpins to work on anything!
I have tried adding dynamics at both ends, one end, across a measure etc., to no avail. Whatever the dynamic is the start is what it ends with. I loved the hairpins in MS3 also, but cannot get them to work in MS4.0.2 - latest release. I know this is a huge upgrade and so far is incredible. I guess the issue will be resolved, and considering this mighty program is free compared to other 'less useful' expensive programs, I am more than prepared to wait! Thank you Mark Sabatella.

There is a possible workaround. Make the unwanted dynamic indicators invisible. This will work on printouts but makes the onscreen version a little messy. I liked the feature to apply dynamics to systems, staff, or single part. I would appreciate seeing it in the future updates if that is possible.

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