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• Dec 21, 2022 - 20:37

I made a variation of the ColorNotes plugin that maybe useful to someone. Instead of coloring by pitch, it colors only the notes that are sharped or flatted by the key signature or by explicit accidentals. See the screen shot below for an example. Naturals are black, flats are blue, sharps are red. (The plugin also handles 𝄫 and 𝄪)

(Note: the plugin doesn't do the solfege and pitch names shown in the image. Those were added by hand as lyrics)

What's the best way to contribute it? I'm happy to put it in public Github repo, for example.


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Thanks, JoJo. Is there a syntax for terminating onRun that satisfies both MU3 and MU4? Or a runtime query to determine which one the plugin is running under?

I've not yet had a chance to check out MU4. Decided to upgrade my MacOS from Catalina to Monterey so I can install the MuseHub version. The OS upgrade on my 2016 vintage MBP has been a 2 hour nightmare.

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Thanks. My plugin isn't a dialog type. The discussion you linked was interesting to read but it left me with the impression that no one has yet completely figured out a general solution for 3-4 compatibility. I'm going to leave my repo as is since it offers separate releases that work well in their respective versions.

That being said, I would gladly take a pull request that unifies them :-)

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Turned out to require more than that. For example, the logic for ranging over the notes in a score has changed significantly and the quit action is now, apparently best handled by an "escape" command at the end of the loop. Also, Mu3 doesn't recognize (and chokes on) the "thumbNail" property that's required by Mu4 for plugin logos.

I ended up freezing the MuseScore 3 version at release v1.0 of my repo and issuing a v2.0 release that's Mu4 only. Seems the best I can do for now. JoJo, thanks again for your help and Happy Holidays.

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Hi Michael, some things:

First of all, there's a mistake in your code. Line 112/73 (version 1.0/2.0), n<7 should be n<6. This keeps Fb from being marked as a double flat.

Secondly, It's hard for users to get the plugin. Put short, your plugin is set as "3.x compatible" but only gives the 4.x compatible version, and I had to go through the git repository to get your version 1.0 of the plugin for MuseScore 3.x (which most users of MS don't know how to do).

Have a look at a plugin compatible for both MS 3 and 4 (e.g. the big time signature plugin See how there's both a download for both MS 3.x and 4.x? It would be great if you did something like that too. And don't forget to mark the plugin as compatible for 3.x and 4.x.

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Yes, and the corresponding line for v1 of the plugin. If you look at the code chart above that line it shows that -1 to 5 are the double flats, so n<6 is correct. Otherwise it marks Fb's as double flats, coloring them incorrectly.

Thanks for updating the plugin!

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