One bar rendered wrongly on score

• Dec 23, 2022 - 14:33
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Graphical (UI)
S3 - Major
needs info

Open the mscz file
View the SATB score, bar 32 on page 4
In my version this bar is shown with just the first quaver visible and the rest stretched out super wide so it's invisible.

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Adelie's Lullaby.mscz 94.92 KB


Status active needs info

Somehow the tenor part is messed up in a way I don't understand, but you can fix it by selecting the tenor part for that measure, hitting Delete, and re-entering it.

Do you have any idea what might have happened unusually in entering this measure? Did this score originally get imported from an older version? There are leading space adjustments elsewhere that are potentially problematic, but nothing I see in this measure.

Hi. Thanks for the hint - I was able to fix it by re-entering the bar in the tenor part.
The only thing I can think of that might have caused it is I was once trying to pan the score across the screen by left-clicking and dragging the mouse, and accidentally clicked on some element at the start point, which I then presumably dragged way out of place. At the time I didn't notice anything looking wrong, so I just continued, but that may be what caused this layout issue.
In general, moving the pages around on the screen is one of the most awkward features of the app for just this reason - you have to carefully click on a blank area before dragging or you can make an unintended change. Is there any other way of scrolling around?

You definitely don't need to resort to dragging or to the Navigator. The mouse scroll wheel works as it does in all applications - by itself for vertical, with Shift for horizontal. Same for equivalent touch gestures like two finger swipe (and on some devices, you can simple swipe horizontally or diagonally as well). Also, the usual keyboard shortcuts like PgUp/PgDn etc work. Definitely. don't drag, it's error prone but also very slow.

And of course, Musescore 4 has scroll bars also, if you prefer having something to drag instead of using the wheel or swipe gestures.

The Navigator is occasionally useful, but also rendered mostly unnecessary by scrolling. If you have some special need for it often enough to need a shortcut, though, you can define a shortcut in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.