Musescore 4.0 - weird behaviour when opening files

• Dec 28, 2022 - 09:25

I am running MuseScore (MS) 4.0 on MacOS Monterey 12.6.2/MacBookPro14,3.

My usual workflow for opening a MS file is to look the file up in Finder, and then dragging the file to the MS icon in the Dock. In previous MS versions with the said workflow, the file would be opened in MS. In MS4 however the behaviour is different. MS4 would launch, and then the Home > Score page would be shown, but the file is NOT opened. To be more precise, the file that was drag-and-dropped would not show in 1) the Home > Score listing, and 2) in the Score tab.

The above behaviour is counter-intuitive to how a GUI OS works. Kindly look into resolving this. Thank you.


I also noticed that after double clicking an existing score in the Finder it will not open in MuseScore 4. It will only launch the program after which you have to go into the File Menu and search and open the appropriate file yourself manually. I am on Monterey with a 13" M1 Macbook.

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