Musescore 4 : not more possible to make custom plugins

• Dec 29, 2022 - 09:20

I'm referring to this topic I created, where I did use this functionality over and over

Now on Musescore 4, it seems there is not more.

1 - is there any intentions to implement it back very soon?
2 - is there a way to get the same result on Musescore 4?
3 - if no one of the above options is possible: how can I definitely remove Musescore 4, get rid of it, adn move back to the 3?


The plugin API for writeScore() is currently missing from MuseScore 4

You can have MuseScore 1(.3), 2(.3.2), 3(.6.2) and 4 installed and running on the same computer, they coexist pretty peacefully

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I'm not willing to have several versions of the same application installed. So I will get rid of the version 4 and install the version 3. To me, it's not to go ahead (installing the 4th) but to go back.
When there will be the 4.1, if ever it will include the writeScore() I will update it. if not: Musescore ends up at version 3.

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"They coexist pretty peacefully" - that is until you save in MS4. From then on, you can only edit the file with MS4.
The only way back is to export to XML then import the XML in an earlier version. This works up to a point, but is extra work, and in my case disrupted the formatting to a degree. For this reason I will stay with 3.6 for the time being.

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