Menu bar mostly off screen unless window is maximized (Win 10)

• Dec 29, 2022 - 20:15
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Installed MuseScore 4.0 (the default direct download not via MuseHub) to try out for first time and instantly hit an issue... On my Windows 10 system the application menus are mostly off the top of the window unless the window is maximized. Can just about see the bottom of the menu area but basically none of the text. When maximize the "menu bar" is at the exact top of the screen.

First thing I tried was looking in application preferences (even advanced) to see if there was an option to turn a real menu bar and/or title bar on instead of a "merged" menu bar and title bar.

Quick peek at the source, looks like the use of frameless windows to make a merged menu bar and title bar is not working correctly on my system (with Stardocks WindowBlinds installed). It seems possible some window metrics value is not being consulted when positioning the menu bar.

Discovered the 3.6 software is still available "for Windows 7" - tried it and found it uses "real" menus and title bars thus works "correctly", so have uninstalled 4.0. I don't know how much I'll be using MuseScore yet so would rather try/test 3.6 than mess with my system config.

It would be REALLY GREAT if there was an option to use standard title/menu bars as per 3.6 - I don't like applications that don't use "standard" title bars (sadly an increasing trend). I'm guessing this may also help an issue saw reported about keyboard shortcuts for menus not working.

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