custom sf2 not respecting note length during playback

• Dec 31, 2022 - 00:52

I created a sf2 file and loaded to Musescore 4. I am noticing that the note length are not being respected during playback. If I put a quarter note in a 4/4 score. That note will sound through that measure and into the next. It seems to "note" lasts as long as the note lasts in polyphone.

What am I missing to make the sound playback correct?




I discovered something, if I change the font to my custom font in an existing score it does not work correctly. If I correct a new score it appears to work correctly.

I've only worked with Polyphone a small amount, but I believe "vol env release" at the instrument level is what you want to mess with, possibly set it to 0.

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I did some more testing. This is what I found I have discovered to date. The note length is respected when the note head is set to normal. If the note head is set to diamond the note length is no longer respected. I have not set anything in polyphone.


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