Bug with multiple monitors - P1

• Dec 31, 2022 - 08:56

MS version: 4.0.0-release (223472200)
Platform: Windows 10

Bug description:
When using dual monitors, modal dialogs pop up to the right off-screen. This renders the main window unusable.

To reproduce:
Set up Monitor 2 to the right of the main monitor.
Open MS4 and move main window to Monitor 2.
Go to "Help -> About."

Actual result:
Modal dialog appears off-screen to the right and cannot be seen.
The dialog cannot be accessed. The main window is locked and inaccessible.
The only way out is to press "Esc" or kill the app using Task Manager.

Expected result:
Modal dialog appears overtop of the main window on monitor 2.

Please fix this ASAP, as it makes the program unusable (Priority 1 bug.)



This is even more serious: I lost work because of this bug! The app crashed. When I restarted, it opened on the 2nd monitor with (I guess) there was supposed to be a modal dialog saying "MuseScore crashed! Do you want to recover your file?" Unfortunately that dialog was off-screen and I couldn't get to it. Lost what was in the saved backup.

Yes - I am having this problem in a dual monitor system. No damage has been done but the main app does crash and could lose data if you undock things like mixer or timeline or etc.
MS4 looks very promising though! // Don

Yes I also have this issue. I also noticed that dialogs will seem to not appear in the monitor that makes sense. I have my second monitor to the left of my main monitor. If I move the MuseScore window just slightly to the left with only a tiny sliver of the MuseScore window on the left monitor, any dialog will appear on the left monitor or split between them rather than centered over the main MuseScore window.

I also noticed that the menu File->Open recent will pop up on top of the File menu when ever Muse Score is Maximized or on the left edge of my right monitor. I don't get this issue on my laptop or if MuseScore is maximized on my left monitor.

This is an especially aggravating bug because it blocks the save menu item.

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Same behaviour here during my first MuseScore 4 class at the University.

MuseScore 4 crashed each time I opened window...

It's therefore unusable when working with dual monitors (classrooms, conferences, etc.).

I agree this should be a high priority bug fixing.

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This is what I noticed today. Excepted the dual monitor bug (which is important, in my opinion), I didn't encounter any bug since I installed the public version of MS4. For what we'll do (initiation on computer music notation), it should be fine.

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Any updates on this issue? My setup is a laptop with two external monitors (therefore 3 displays). The program crashes often, and when I try to start it again, the app is unresponsive due to the invisible crash dialog box at the startup. The only workaround I have found so far is to unplug one of the monitors.

For me every second score (=window) I open, appears as a white screen until I fiddle around with the mouse somehow.
Windows 10.

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