Figured Bass duration

• Jan 1, 2023 - 14:45

Hello! Setting the duration of figured bass with CTRL+ duration indicator works for me in MuseScore 3, but in MuseScore 4 in this context the CTRL key seems to be ignored.

In V3, I can select a note with duration = 6, and with the following key strokes I can attach to it two figured bass hints, "5" followed by "6" each with duration = 5:
CTRL+G, 5, CTRL+5, 6

In V4, the same series of key strokes on the same note results in only one hint, with duration = 6, reading "55". The CTRL key is being ignored in this context.

I also tried the following:

  1. Copy and paste from V3 to V4 - did not work, the option is available in the right-click menu, but nothing is pasted, I suppose this is expected because so much has changed between versions. Not a concern for me.
  2. Opened the V3 file in V4. The existing figured bass is preserved, so V4 sees it as valid, but the same thing still happens if I try to continue. This is the file attached and the point where I tried to continue is at the bottom.
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Bass_Motions Test version 4.mscz 26.95 KB


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