Unable to Hide Rests in 2.O

• Sep 22, 2014 - 19:17

I am creating chord chart lead sheets. Hiding the lines and moved the chords down into the staff. Perfect for dark clubs when the player doesn't have to read any melody.
I am unable to hide rests. Don't need them.
The right click method doesn't provide the hide option. I tried measure, but it won't let me uncheck "visible.:

Musescore 2.0
Win 7

Thank you in advance. Much appreciated.
I'd like to help with Musescore. I love it. I have to learn more first.

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Are you sure you have a rest selected when unchecking Visible? What goes wrong when you try? Does the checkbox not disappear, or does it disappear but the rest remains visible (and not greyed out)? This works fine for me.

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