Multiple Musescore4 processes start on bootup without my help

• Jan 4, 2023 - 00:10

On starting my computer, I find 16 or more Musescore4 process already running. This is before I have started the program. The Musescore4 interface is not visible. These processes do not show in Task Manager! They DO show in Process Explorer (the Sysinternal utility.) These processes CANNOT be terminated - I get "access denied" error when I try, even when I run the command as administrator.

The came to my attention when I tried to upgrade the free synthesizer SurgeXT. When I try to install it, it is unable to overwrite the old VST3 dll file, saying that it was in use. Turns out that it is, indeed, in use... by Musescore4, which is somehow already running, as I mentioned above. Since I cannot kill Musescore4, I cannot upgrade SurgeXT.

What is going on here? What can I do about it? Why is Musescore starting on its own and why is it preventing me from stopping its processes? Musescore, I love ya, but you're acting like a virus!

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I guess this topic doesn't spark any interest or ideas, but I'll follow up on it anyway...

Windows 10. I uninstalled Musescore4 (but not Muse Hub) and reinstalled it from Muse Hub. It would then NOT spawn multiple processes that would persist between reboots, but it DOES spawn a new process every time I start it. Those processes do not go away when I close the program, so If I start M4 several times, I wind up with several unkillable processes hanging around. A reboot clears them out, but the cycle starts all over again when I use M4 again. I tried thoroughly uninstalling it AND Muse Hub, getting rid of all the miscellaneous files and directories that were left in AppData and Program Files\Common Files and installing the standalone M4, but the same thing happens.

This behavior is peculiar to only one of my three computers. The other two behave as expected - processes stop when the program is properly ended. Unfortunately, the misbehaving computer is my main workstation.

I'm going to have to go back to M3 for now. I'll try M4 again when it's next updated.

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