Automatic rehearsal marks

• Sep 23, 2014 - 00:25

It would be nice if there were a way to have rehearsal marks that automatically get the next letter or number, so you add a rehearsal mark and it automatically takes the next number from the sequence. This would be particularly useful when you need to insert one somewhere in the beginning of your score, now you have to manually change all the ones after it.

Somewhere you could have a setting for which sequence of marks to use (A,B,C, ... Z, AA,AB,AC, ... / 1,2,3) and what letters to include/exclude (often the letter I is skipped).


At least a shortcut that jumps to "previous marker" or "next marker".. that would be great.

If there's already a way to do this, let me know.


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"You can navigate to a given rehearsal mark with Ctrl +F and the name of the rehearsal mark."

By navigate I would think of sorting through the marks chronologically instead of executing a "find".

There's no shortcut to do "Go to next/previous mark" :(

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Right now, this feature only works when adding from text palette. Keyboard shortcut still starts empty. I guess that's consistent with tempo markings and other text items, and while I don't remember the specifics, it seems there was a reason for that. So I'm fine with that being the case here. But what we don't have yet if a way o.f renumbering rehearsal marks if you add one mid-score. Right now, if you add one between "E" and "F", it is labeled "E1", which could be OK sometimes, but a way to autoamtically renumber them later would be good. Could be a plugin, or could be a command in the new Edit / Tools menu...

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Yes, I ended up adding this feature as Edit / Tools / Resequence Rehearsal Marks shortly before the release of Beta 2. Select a range, run the command, and it tries to detect the desired sequence based on the first rehearsal mark in the selection, and it resequences all rehearsal marks in the selection accordingly. a, b, c, ... or A, B, C, ... or numerically. And if the first number matches the corresponding measure number, it assuems you want all rehearsal marks to be based on the corresponding measure number rather than a simple sequence.

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This is working really well in MuseScore 2.0! I prefer measure numbers so all I had to do was change A to 5 and the next rehearsal marks I inserted became 11 and then 19!

The only problem is that this does not automatically correct if you insert measures. However, selecting the rehearsal mark and running Edit>Tools>Resequence Rehearsal Marks adjusts this. Perhaps there is some way to build on the insert measure function that looks for rehearsal marks matched to measure numbers and adjusts them? I'm only a little familiar with programming but if someone could point me in the right direction I would take a shot at it.

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Do note you don't have to select the marks individually; you can select the whole score and run the Resequence command and it takes of everything. So having them update automatically doesn't save *that* much effort. But of course, that assumes you rememebr to do it. If you want to try implementing an automatic scheme, I wouldn't try tying it to the insert command, because it would also need to happen for delete, for join, for split, for a change to measure properties that resets the measure numbering, for adding section breaks, etc.

I think instead what might make sense is to have this happen in the rehearsal mark layout code. The same place where we are checking what font to use, constructing the box, etc. Somehow, there could be a flag you set on a rehearsal mark to say you want it automatically filled in with the measure number, and this would happen on every layout operation.

But there is actually a way to get this behavior now, in a different way. Instead of using rehearsal marks, just use measure numbers. Set the text style to *look* like a rehearsal mark, set measure numbers to not display normally, but then use measure properties to explicitly force them to display on some measures. This assumes you don't want *both* regular (small) measure numbers *and* reharsal-mark-style measure numbers in the same score, though.

that says "use measure number" and have the measure number layout code look at this.

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Marc, this all makes perfect sense! Your workaround is closest to what Finale does I think. You can set rehearsal marks to letters, numbers, or measure numbers. I am a high school band director and measure numbers is the most clear way of communicating, since rehearsal letters can get confused with pitches and rehearsal numbers are just plain confusing to me! I know I am knit picking here, but this could be a great polishing feature that will make MuseScore feel more like a $600 piece of software.

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