Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Some dropdown menus (e.g., in Mixer) start scrolling through options when mouse passes over them while scrolling iursnitram 13 3 months ago
Issue Support XF MIDI for MIDI import (chord symbols, rehearsal mark) MarionH 38 6 months ago
Issue Restore fullscreen mode on restart, or preserve maximized status zephyrus 30 1 year ago
Issue Playback audio pops when playing a loop iursnitram 11 1 year ago
Forum topic Automatic rehearsal marks Wiering 16 2 years ago
Issue Space bar shortcut does not work when play panel window is in foreground MartinSiii 21 2 years ago
Issue Midi remote control Augmentation dot doesn't work rtega 7 2 years ago
Forum topic Guitar bends sam.silverman.90 10 2 years ago
Issue Way to disable mouse input while in note entry mode Marc Sabatella 7 2 years ago
Forum topic Playback Stop Christopher A. Good 3 2 years ago
Issue Startcenter cannot be closed after trying to create a new score Daniel D'Onofrio 5 2 years ago
Issue playback does not start at selected measure Jojo-Schmitz 8 2 years ago
Issue TAB clashing with wallpapers iursnitram 2 2 years ago
Issue Option to add augmentation dot once the note is entered iursnitram 5 2 years ago
Issue Add shortcut to play again from starting point iursnitram 1 2 years ago
Forum topic How to change staff without the mouse? iursnitram 8 2 years ago
Forum topic Stave Distance rwmol 9 2 years ago
Forum topic Create a bend or slide symbol for guitar Quoc Dong 12 2 years ago
Forum topic Playback options iursnitram 6 2 years ago
Forum topic Overall playback timing issue iursnitram 7 2 years ago