4.0 Reducing gain to speaker to stop stuttering

• Jan 6, 2023 - 01:22

I am a retired senior with my old and slow laptop on my chest.

MP3 files play fine. Regular online videos from YouTube or the news play fine.

MuseScore jumps and sputters all the time. Using the metronome makes it worse.

I thought my speaker was going bad, so I added an external Bluetooth speaker, with the same result, unfortunately.

In the previous version, I was able to reduce speaker input so MuseScore didn't sputter all the time. I'm learning 4.0, but I haven't found a way to reduce the gain. Can you tell me where it is?

It's obviously a power packed program, maybe too much for my equipment. I'm hoping to mellow out the sound. I'd prefer not to go back to a previous installation. I'm still getting used to 4.0, and I like it!

Thanks in advance, wizards. <3


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Thanks, bobjo. I had to call my son (He Who Knows More Than Me).

All my specs meet the minimums except for my old and ever slower hard drive. My son can replace it with solid state. Prices are very reasonable.

Thanks again! We're on the right path now. <3

If you open the mixer and look for the main bus (you may have to scroll to the far right depending on how many instruments you have in your piece), you'll be able to reduce the output volume there.

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Thanks, jean_loup! That's probably what I was looking for!

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any effect on playback; probably because my old and very slow hard drive creates more problems than adjusting the mixer can fix. But I had to try. Always try. It might work!

Thanks again, You're the BEST! <3

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I have stuttering issues as well and I suspect my hardware is a little old for MS4. I only have a 4-core i5 processor and MS4 is hungry for it. However, I found if I turn down the volume AND for some reason, keep the mixer open it mitigates the stuttering and just about manages to play the piece I'm working on. Not sure why keeping the mixer open helps somewhat, maybe because it hides a portion of the score? Try that and see if it helps?

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Aha! jean-loup, you are a wizard of the highest order! Turning the speaker down to 12 AND leaving the mixer open lets MuseScore and the metronome play just fine.

Woo Hoo! You ROCK!

I'm still thinking about replacing my disk drive with solid state. It's and old getting slower all the time. :)

Thanks again! <3

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I moved the Master back to normal settings. Everything plays fine, as long as I leave the mixer open. LOL!

I'm still buying an SSD. All of this has made me aware of how long it's taking for my HD to boot.

Two Tumbs UP for jean_loup! This should be easy to resolve when tech gets to it. :)

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