Cannot download or install Muse Hub

• Jan 6, 2023 - 10:29

Needless to say, I was excited to see the launch of MuseScore 4! Not known to me, however, was the launch of MuseHub. I was able to download MuseScore4 just fine, but I first tried to download MuseHub, but have yet to be able to even get it to download. (Again, downloading MS4 minus the Hub was just fine, and MS4 works perfectly.) I keep getting an error message on my Windows 11 laptop (shown below as a screenshot of the error message, with yellow highlight as the error message, and circled in red is the button I used to attempt the download from I cannot figure out what app W11 is missing, so that it can't translate the installation file(s) to get it to work.

Help! And thanks in advance,


I have the same MuseHub dormancy problem. It may help if I supply the most recent installation attempt's program log, one of several versions of "current.txt" from my C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Logs folder. The "Waiting for client to connect..." line seems to indicated that there is a problem in making the required contact with the Muse web site.

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I tried to re-install Muse_Hub after doing a recent Windows Update - just on the off-chance it might install now. Here is the log file from that attempt. It shows evidence of some quite serious crashes the installation program is undergoing, involving problems accessing standard Microsoft libraries. It looks like there has been some serious regression going on here. As the software is open-source, and I understand this to be an open-souce community, is there anybody out there who has tried to do a build of the install software we all seem to be troubled by, and run it in a debugger?

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