Playback won't start on the first note

• Jan 7, 2023 - 17:15

Hi all, here's strange one.

I opened a MS3 score to work on in MS4. The score in is 4/4, some bars have triplets in.

On playback, whichever bar I start at, the first note does not sound. If it's a bar that starts with triplets, the first triplet does not sound; the rest of the score after that sounds as it should.

Advice appreciated.



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Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one having this problem!! I've noticed this too and it's SOO aggravating because I stream my cello playing on Twitch and now that I have Musescore 4, trying to play along to my Musescore stuff won't go smoothly! >:( I'm right there with you hoping for an official solution/update or something from the Musescore folks!

This seems to be a common issue. I've found if you click on the note you want to start playback from then wait a couple of seconds before starting playback it reduces the chance of this happening. In contrast if you rapidly play and pause the score or rewind the score then begin play back within a short time it will increase the likelihood of this issue happening.

Hi, I'm a new user and I have the same issue. Hitting rewind before pressing play helps when you want to play from the start of the score. (I've mapped that to a shortcut Ctrl + Space to make it less inconvenient) but the issue remains if you try to play from somewhere else in the score.

As a workaround, you can try clicking on some element just ahead of the note you want to play back from. For example, I had a point in my score that was preceded by a time signature change. By selecting the time signature and hitting space, the computer acted like I were playing the signature itself and then it played the first note of the following bar.

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Part of the problem is not having a computer that meets the specs needed to run MU4. Check out what you need on the download page. I was finally able to buy one that more than meets the specs. Play back starts correctly. The only other way to do it is what has been suggested on this thread.
I'm not sure this is something that can, or needs to be "fixed". Maybe sometime. There are other problems that need to be addressed.

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