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As well as a button for bold, italic and underline, could we also have a small-caps button? If the OTF has small separate caps glyphs, pressing this button would enable them.


I'd like a hanging figures button too — having a composer's dates in lining figures looks unprofessional. With OTF, there's no way to access these figures without choosing them through a menu or with a button.

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I know what small caps are, but I don't know what you mean by "hanging figures" or "lining figures". Could you post an example of what you mean? Are you referring to this:

If so, isn't that just a matter of having a font installed that has characters positioned that way? It's kind of an older look, maybe a font designed to look like 19th century manuscript would have these characters?

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Hanging figures are numbers that are used with lower-case text and small caps. They have ascenders and descenders, just like regular letters. Lining figures are used with capital letters and in tables, because they "line-up". Hanging figures are not "old fashioned", but simply used for another typographical purpose.


In Type 1 fonts, hanging figures were in a separate font along with the small caps. I don't think anyone makes these anymore, and it would be difficult to mix fonts in Musescore. In most fonts these days, hanging figures, special ligatures, etc, are enabled via an OpenType menu in various software programs.

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