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• Jan 13, 2023 - 05:35


I'd like to know of there's a way to have a script o plugin to
-- export in PDF all the scores except the Main (same folder and suggested name) (it's ok to export main and all the parts as well)
--- let the user select one or more part and then
--- export the score in mp3 (same folder and suggested name+"_all")
--- for every instrument selected
-------mute it in the mixer
-------export the score in mp3 (same folder and suggested name+"bTrack")
-------unmute the instrument
--- repeat for every instrument selected



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Well, the above mentioned Batch convert plugin has some UI, so you can similarly draw a UI to select instruments in your plugin. Another option I see would be to require a user to select something directly in a score before launching the plugin and make the plugin use the selection API to figure out which instruments have been selected.

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Actually, I don't think you need it any special adaptation of the current plugin.

Let me explain:
You could make in your score one part per instrument.
Then you can export the score and its parts as audio files.
When you export a part as an audio file, MS will only export the audio of the instruments present in that part(°) (as long as that instrument is not muted in the mixer panel, so you need to unmute all the instruments for this to work).

E.g. The score I'm working on has four instruments, each of them has its dedicated part.
Exporting this score as audio file including the parts(°°), will produce the following files:

  • The file "W.C. Handy-St. Louis Blues.v2.ogg" has audio for all the instruments.
  • The files "W.C. Handy-St. Louis Blues.v2-xxxxx.ogg" have only audio for their dedicated instruments.

(°) this is not a special feature of the plugin, but a default feature of MS
(°°) you can also export only the parts - this feature is not yet merged in the central plugin repository, but you can download it from my repository

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> I think you don't get the point...
This is definitely possible... I'm not super smart. I was just trying to help. To propose an alternative. Feel free to fork my code on github and to develop your own plugin.

(and for your info, I'm the one behind the last versions of the plugin).

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