Options formerly in the Inspector in Musecore 3 not visible in Properties on Musecore 4

• Jan 13, 2023 - 06:21

In Musecore 4 the Inspector is replaced by Properties - in the video showing differences b/w M3 and M4 it is explained that you no longer need to (say) select a hairpin to adjust the velocity or make other changes to dynamics as these options should be visible when the measure is selected - when I select a measure (or select the hairpin) in a section of a score with a hairpin or other dynamics notation in Musecore 4 none of these options specific to (say) that hairpin are visible under either the Playback or Appearance options. If I click on the Hairpin tab the only options visible relate to style and text but not to the actual dynamics settings. Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


PS: In the Musecore 4 Handbook the section covering "Changing Playback of Hairpins" contains the following:
(to be added) - to say this is a bummer is a massive understatement because I now have a score I cannot make dynamics adjustments to as it has been saved as a M$ file and is not backward compatible to M3 - it will not even copy and paste to an M3 file #$@#%$###

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