Installing 4.0.1 on LInux

• Jan 14, 2023 - 12:32

Thank you for the release of 4.0.1. It works (appimage) very well on my Linux Mint 21.1

I installed Version 4.0.0 via the -install option. Now i like to install the newer
version also. Do i have to uninstall 4.0.0 before?

Greetings, Pentatonus


I'm on Ubunto. All I did to get it to work was:
o Close Musescore 4.0
o Right click on the downloaded APPIMAGE file ==> Properties ==> Permissions ==> Check the ALLOW EXECUTING AS PROGRAM checkbox
o Right click on the file and select RUN

The update happened very quickly and opened up Musescore 4.0.1 auto magically.


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You can do the appimage install option for 4.0.1
This will (at least on Ubuntu)
-move the appimage to ~/.local/bin
-change symbolic links to the new appimage

Of course, the old appimage is still there

41 jan 13 22:28 mscore4portable -> MuseScore-
139990208 dec 15 15:23 MuseScore-4.0.0-x86_64.AppImage
140170432 jan 13 22:27 MuseScore-
41 jan 13 22:28 musescore4portable -> MuseScore-

You can just delete the previous Appimage (or leave it there for the time being, just in case you want to rollback, one never knows)

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Adding to @graffmusic's comment, and for those of us that have to learn the hard way.... If you don't do the "install" the old version 4.0 will be the only version the OS knows about. To get the new version installed... from the command line you need to execute the Appimage file with the install option:

./MuseScore- install
Installation step 1 of 3.
PREFIX is '/home/dave/.local'.
Preparing to install resources to:
gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid.
Had trouble updating resource caches. Things to check:
- do the files and/or directories exist?
- do you have the right privileges?
Resources installed to '/home/dave/.local'.
Step 2 of 3.
MuseScore is at: /home/dave/Downloads/MuseScore-
Moving AppImage to 'PREFIX/bin'.
Finished installing MuseScore to /home/dave/.local
Step 3 of 3.
Symlinks can be created to make it easier to launch MuseScore from
the command line. (Symlinks are like shortcuts or aliases.)
INFORMATION: MuseScore is not in PATH. If you want to run MuseScore from
the command line you will have to type the full file path, like this:


This does not affect you if you launch MuseScore by clicking on the icon.

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If you do the appimage install option, then syslinks are already created under ~/.local/bin

And ~/.local/bin should be in your $PATH (probably depending on your distribution)
(check with 'echo $PATH')
So you can from a terminal just type musescore4portable or mscore4portable and it should work.

A symlink is made with
ln -s executable link

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