Note Names positioned too high

• Sep 23, 2014 - 20:14

Hi, I used the Plug-in to identify the notes in a student score. The note-names appear above each note but far above the staff. It would be easy to confuse the second line note-names as belonging to the first staff. I can drag these into a lower position but I find I must do so, one by one. I cannot select more than one at a time. This is arduous. Is there a better way to reposition these note names so they are closer to the notes, themselves? Thanks!


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I found a way to do this. The usual method of selecting things did NOT work but in the Ctrl-Select menu there is a Select "All Similar Elements" option and this works. Then I could move everything down to the top of the staff and it's much more effective. The best idea, of course, is for my students to learn their notes so they don't need to be shown what they are BUT this was for the mother of a 5 year-old. Thanks for everyone's help. JHJ

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A 5 year old - I think I would be teaching by hand position to a student that age.

Not that note names aren't important but they can only take in so much at once, and I work on hand positions before note names, whilst trying to get them to learn Every Good Boy Deserves Football etc so they at least have a head start when it comes to learning the note names :)

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