Uneven note / rest spacing

• Jan 15, 2023 - 16:38
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Musescore uneven note spacing

I keep running into an issue of notes and/or rest of equal value not being equally spaced in a measure.

I move seen a few methods of changing the spacing: increase/decrease stretch, Function F2 to manually shift individual notes/rests left or right (I can’t remember the drop down for this. Also it’s very time consuming, especially if multiple measures), and Marc’s work around of deleting the first note and reentering (didn’t work for me).

I also typed in the help menu to search but it seems to not pull up Musescore related options (separate issue).

Is there any automatic solution or justify spacing function.

I was unsure of what “type” to use in the issue tracker drop down.

Screen shot:


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It loks like you've entered some manual adjustments you need to reset here - this wouldn't be the correct result by default of course. If you continue to have trouble after resetting all your manual adjustments (be sure to reset both "offset" and "leading" adjustments you see in Properties), please attach your actual score instead of just a picture. Then we can understand and assist better.

BTW, it also seems you might have made some very unusual style adjustments, as the first note of the measure is way too far from the barline. So be sure to reset your style customizations as well.


My apologies twofold. Here is the score file. Second, I'm having trouble finding exactly where to make the changes you suggested. Attribute that to me bing green still.

Measure 60 is a good example of the problem. I don't remember changing any "distance" of the first note of a measure as far a customization goes.

Thank you again for your help.

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Oh, this is actually simple - the spacing is correct, because the extra space is needed by the other staves that weren't visible in your initial picture. For example, to account for the grace notes in the top staff. There would be no way to make the spacing even without either introducing crazy amounts of unnecessary additional space everywhere else, or having the notes not line up between staves. not because of some limitation of Msuescvor,e but just in general due to the laws of physics :-)