Changing the font, yes, another post about it =)

• Sep 23, 2014 - 23:01

I've seen this same problem all around the forum, with no final solution yet, since the very old versions of MuseScore.

When I try to change the font of the tempo, the lyrics or the instruments, using the style menu to change the general text and choosing the relevant part I want with a different font, the changes do not apply, neither when I click Apply, neither when I accept and close the edit window. Nothing happens.

In some post in this forum, it was recommended to save and close the file, and when opening it again, it would show the font correctly loaded, but it doesn't. I also tried closing MuseScore and opening it again, with no success.

In some other post in the forum, somebody suggested to right-click over the text and select Text Properties. This didn't work with the tempo or the instruments, since there is no "Text Properties" option in the menu, only "Tempo properties" in the Tempo text or "Staff properties" in the instruments text.

It works for the lyrics, though, but you have to right-click each syllable under each note one by one, even if you have a 10 pages score. The font I had set previously in the general text editing window was not set in the Text Properties window, so I had to set it again, and this worked. So now I have the lyrics with my font (Alegreya) and the Tempo and instruments with the default font.

On the other hand (maybe related), if you set a font in MuseScore, it is only exported to PDF, PS and PNG formats. If you export to MusicXML or LilyPond, for example, the font settings are not exported. I have no idea how difficult it is to translate MuseScore font settings to an XML stylesheet or to LilyPond syntax, though.

Another thing that is not exported is staff sizes. For example, I have a small score with voice + piano, where the right hand is written in a slighty smaller staff with smaller notes (see attachment). The export works and fails for the same cases as the font settings mentioned above.

I'm running MuseScore 1.3 in Ubuntu 14.04. I have also tried in Windows 7 with the same result.

I wish I knew how to code to contribute to the code, but since I don't, this is my two cents.


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Nope, I haven't yet =)
I just installed version 1.3 yesterday.

But somebody (I guess it was one of the developers) told me that "LilyPond export will be gone in the next version of MuseScore, you'd have to use MusicXML export and LilyPond's xml2ly", so I think I will keep up with MuseScore by now, because it's so convenient for me to be able to export to ly.

So I guess I understand from your answer that it is plain impossible to set the fonts in MuseScore 1.3? And also exporting the smaller staff?


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With the improvements in automatic positioning of elements I'm not sure that export to Lilypond is relevant now.

There has been a lot of work put into the engraving side of MuseScore over the last year or so, and personally I no longer see a reason to export to Lilypond to get good results for most scores.

IME Lilypond export has been problematic since MuseScore 1.2 when the latest version of the Lilypond engine no longer accepted MuseScore's export files directly.

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Oh, I see. I can only imagine how complicated it is to turn one format into the other! Seems that every developer I know is having a hard time with LilyPond. So I imagine you are doing the export to LilyPond through MusicXML conversion first? So MusicXML is the one who is not keeping the size of the staff.

The reason I use LilyPond is because I usually typeset music documents with LaTeX, which contain text mixed with small music snippets (examples or short exercises) that only occupy a small part of a page, plus bigger scores that fit the whole page.

If I use the PDF generated by MuseScore I will get a whole page instead of just the snippet. Even if I could set the output dimensions in some way, doing it manually for the tons of snippets I have is impractical. But if I just export to .ly, then LilyPond takes care of the size automatically. Also, it allows me to have more control in the layout of the LaTeX document.

I want to create the scores with MuseScore so that I can also use it for the web, apart from generating printed documents. Then I can benefit from the embedding option and play button which I love. Also because it's more user-friendly to write music with it. But I really need the export to LilyPond =(

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In 1.3, export to LilyPond was done directly. Exporting to every format in the world is just too much work, so for 2.0 it was decided to focus on the one universal standard - MusicXML.

MuseScore has a plugin called Snippet Creator that generates graphics trimmed down to size. There is also an extension for LibreOffice that automates the placing and management of examples created with MuseScore so you can select an MSCZ file and it automatically generates and trims the graphic and inserts it, and clicking the graphic within the document automatically opens MuseScore with the source file that generated the graphic loaded. No such luck for LaTex though. It's possible 2.0 will also contain native format for the graphics-trimming so it doesn't require you to install a plugin, which should help some.

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No, it's not i possible to set fonts in 1.3 - you just have to know how. In 1.3, the Style only controls the defaults for elements not yet created. It does nit affect items already created. For that, you need Text Properties, accessed via the right click menu. You can either use Select / All Similar first to select all markings of a given type first, or use the checkbox in the Text Properties dialog to apply to all similar.

But overall, it's best to use the Style options to set the defaults you like before you start your score - and perhaps save the result as a Template so you can reuse it, if you tend to like the same font settings across scores.

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Oh, I'm looking forward to the native trimming, that sounds great! I guess then it would be possible to save not only as PNG, but as PDF or MusicXML. That would be fantastic!

I tried your suggestion of setting the styles before placing the elements and it works!. I'll store the styles then, to use them frequently. It would be great if the styles were exported to MusicXML though (since .ly support's drop is imminent), as well as the staff size.

I really wish I could help you with the code, I think MuseScore is excellent and I know it takes a lot of work to develop it. I'm looking forward to forking the project in the future and contributing, even if it is something very small.

Thank you both, you've been of great help.

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Yeah, that's my main concern too, consistency and typesetting quality, otherwise I won't be working with LaTeX, he he (and I will be using the Snippet Creator to have a 72dpi PNG, which is awesome and fine for the web, but not for a book).

I'll check out MuseScore 2.0. If I can't export to .ly but I can export the trimmed snippet to PDF and MusicXML, that would be fine too, and it would be even better if fonts or size settings were exported too, which I guess is much more complicated to code.

Thank you guys, and keep up the good job =)

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You can adjust the resolution of snippets with that plugin by editing the source.

Regarding 2.0, I'm not sure it would make sense for the "auto-trimming" to affect ODF MusicXML. That should reflect the actual page size of the score. If you want the PDF MusicXML to have a smaller page size, then you should set a smaller page size in MuseScore directly. The auto-trimming makes sense only for file formats that are not inherently page-based, like PNG.

BTW, as far as I know, font and size info *is* exported to MusicXML, at least most of it is. If you have a particular case where it isn't, you should start a new thread with a sample score and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Thank you for your answer Marc.
I'll make a new thread covering the exporting issues.

I was thinking in the posibility of using LilyPond's command musicxml2ly to convert the .xml into .ly as one developer suggested, in case the engraving quality of the trimmed PDF was not good. But if the auto-trimming works fine, I could just embed the PDF in the LaTeX doc.

P. D. I was not able to find where to adjust the resolution of the snippets generated with Snipper Creator. I checked the snippet page and the tutorials with no success. Did you mean I should go to Layout > Page Settings or is it in another menu?

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So, for users reading this thread:
To change the output resolution of the PNG created with the Snipper Creator (in case you need it for printing):

1. Go to your MuseScore plugins folder. For example, in Ubuntu it is in /usr/share/mscore-1.3/plugins/

2. Open snippet_creator.js in a text editor. If you are using Linux you may have to open it as root, for example:
sudo gedit snippet_creator.js

3. Go to line 47 which reads:, "png", false, false, 100, false);
The 100 in the parameters list is the resolution in dpi.

4. Change 100 for your desired resolution, for example, 600 is a good number for professional printing, 300 will be enough for the normal user.

5. Save and you're done!

I guess it comes set to 100 because it takes a bit to save the PNG and the bigger the resolution, the bigger the time needed to convert. But if you are producing snippets for the web, 100dpi is more than enough.

Thanks to Marc for pointing me in the right direction =)

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I seem to be in reverse mode...... Font changing worked for me in 1.3 and earlier ... don't work on 2.0 Beta '''could this be instability caused by other programs installed on windows 8.1 Or alternately other plug-ins attached to this one. ???
Funny, but what I never did get to work on 1.3 is now perfect on 2 Beta
I'm waiting to see the 2.2 and newer versions before passing judgement.
Arn't we supposed to report all issues in the Beta version to help resolve problems for the "Boffins" so how do I get info. on filling out the report form, some of it escapes my feeble mind,
which I have to accept due to old age.

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When you say font changing "doesn't work" in 2.0 Beta 1, please b email more specific. Post the specific score (MSCZ file) you are having trouble with a different and the specific sites to reproduction email the problem you are seeing. But really, 2.0 is *much* better with respect to text handling. I. 1.3, Text Style changes don't affect existing text, but in 2.0 beta they do. Plus you define custom text styles, and a whole bunch of other improvements.

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