Adding harmonics in MuseScore

• Jan 24, 2023 - 11:09


Some friends and I write our own songs so I started using MuseScore a few months back to help me remember my bass parts. It's been great so far. Thanks to this forum and some helpfull YouTube videos, I've been able to write down everything I needed, until now...

In this piece, there is a 4-bar section that is repeated 4 times in which, at the end of the 4th bar, I play a G (1st string, open) followed by a G harmonic (1st string, 5th fret). I found how to turn the note head into a diamond, but not how to have it on the 5th fret. I guess I could type in the G harmonic as a C, but then the playback would not sound right.

Any ideas how I should be entering this?


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There is a way to change the staff line of a note without changing the pitch. Go to View > Inspector, and click on the note head. You should see an option called “Fix to line”, which you can use to adjust the line of the note. As far as I know this only works in MuseScore 3; they haven’t added it to version 4 yet.

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