Can't log into existing account on Android?

• Jan 25, 2023 - 08:04

Okay, this may simply be something I'm not understanding on the difference between and, but I'm obviously missing something. I have subscribed as a MuseScore Pro user, but the Android app asks questions like it's never seen me before... and there is no way I can see to log into an existing account instead of subscribing again. Or is there? I'm certainly not inclined to pay for subscription twice, but subscribing is the only option I see. Assistance appreciated!


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No, logging in and out on the website isn't a problem, it's getting a login prompt on the Android app. It starts at the very top "Let's get to know you" blurb, and then stops at "Choose a subscription." No opportunity I can see to log in with the premium account I just purchased a day or two ago. If there really is no facility to do that and you're supposed to pay for two subscriptions, one on PC and one on mobile, I can't see that being very useful, so I'm sure I'm just missing something.

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Well, there's no profile gear icon at bottom right, but I finally stumbled upon a place to log in, quite by accident... I think it's the subscription prompt screen that has an X to close the dialog, and UNDERNEATH that is a login prompt. That is REALLY not a good app design, hopefully they'll address that in an update, but I'm in. Thanks for responding!

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