Minimum system requirements MS4

• Jan 25, 2023 - 15:18

Hi all,
I searched thru the handbook for the Minimum system requirements and couldn't find it. Given that my computer needs replacing in order to run MS4 I certainly need to know.
Any pointers gratefully received.


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Believe me, I get it. My laptop is seven or eight years old. But I keep it cleaned out. Including the Registry. It is under-specs as far as MS4 goes. But I can get MS4 to run fine.
As you look at new computers, make sure you get a big hard drive Many come with 128 0r 256 GB drives. Neither are even close to what anyone really needs. MS4 or not. You'll be much happier with a 1 TB drive. 500 GB if you must.

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Not withstanding advice from those much more qualified than I but it's a given that programmes just get bigger and more chip intensive as time goes on (I'm old enough to remember loading 12 or so floppy disks for Windows)
So my solution was to get the biggest amount of Ram I could afford (and certainly more than the minimum requirements) and quite a lot of storage also.

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