alternate tunngs

• Jan 26, 2023 - 20:53

How do I allow for alternate guitar tunings? Either that or disconnect the TAB from the notation line. It seems like there as somewhere that allowed me to tune the guitar but I can't find it anywhere now.


In MuseScore 3 or 4:

• Right-click the staff to open Staff/Part Properties
• Near the bottom of the dialog click Edit String Data
• Then double click the Pitch of any string

[Update: 2023-01-29:8:56 thanks to info by bobjp] You'll find Edit String Data in the lower panel of the Staff/Part Properties dialog, below Transposition. But I think it only appears if your instrument is incudes a tablature staff.

MuseScore hides Number of Strings and if you open Staff/Part Properties for an Instrument with only normal staves. When I mistakenly did so I thought the options were in a new location in MuseScore 4. This confusion would have occurred if MuseScore dispabled Edit String Data rather than removing it from view.


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