Need help making Notation into TAB (GUITAR)

• Jan 27, 2023 - 06:00

hi all,

i am having trouble knowing how to convert this into tab (Guitar)
Is there anyone who is able to this for the document below?


It only requires a few steps, and there are some choices of tablature type (linked vs. unlinked) and tablature style (such as font face, font size, whether the lines are broken at fret numbers or extend through the numbers.

But for starters I noticed some metric corruption starting around Measure 5. The nominal meter is 3/4 but the actual meter is 4/4. That's why you see the light gray + signs.

Nevertheless it's possible to add tablature at this stage and I'll provide directions for adding a linked staff, which affords edibility not available when you Convert the treble clef to tablature alone.

Steps to add tablature to your score

First you need to set the Instrument to Guitar:

    • Right click your the treble clef.and choose Staff/Properties
    • Down in the middle of the Dialog click Change Instrument
    • In the dialog open Strings- Plucked and double-click Classical Guitar (or electric guitar ...)
    • Click OK

Before you can easily add tablature you need notate on an 8va treble clef.

    • Select the first measure
    • Open the Clef palette and click the 8va treble clef icon

Note that everything appear shifted up an octave. Select all. And press Control/Command down arrow. Now the notation looks as it did before but sounds an octave lower, and fits in guitar's normal range.

Then add a linked staff:

    • Press i
    • In the dialog, in the right panel, click on the word Staff: 1 (it's indented below Classical Guitar)
    • Click the Add Linked Staff button
    • This adds Staff: 2 and selects it.
    • If the dialog is wide enough you'll see a column entitled Staff Type on the right.
    • Click on Standard and choose any of the first three styles. I usually use Tab 6-string Simple
    • Click OK

That should result in the addition of a linked staff, where the tablature updates as you change the treble clef.

See the attached score.

Much easier if you keep a Guitar + Tab template handy. Or use the Guitar + Tab option at New Score, and copy from your score and paste to it. However, in this case your notes would come in at the "wrong octave" ... but that's easily corrected as described above.

Only other issue is that a corrupted score may not paste properly into a new score.


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