version 4 scores open at 400% zoom

• Jan 27, 2023 - 19:44

When ever I open a score in Muse 4 it is gigantic- zoomed in by 400% and I have to zoom out to 100% every time. I can't find a setting to change this.


For some people the default zoom is huge when the Navigator is opened by default. Is that maybe the case for you too? (Would be helpful for us to know when fixing this)

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This worked for me. Previously I found that if I opened Muscore and then opened a file from the recent list it would open at 100%, but if I opened the whole program by double clicking a file in a file explorer window it would open to 400% every time, even if the same file opened to 100% from within the program.

I can confirm this is found both on MacBook Pro 2019 Ventura 13.1 AND Win 11 (haven't dug into OS config). Mac has two 36" external monitors, Win has one 27" external. On Mac I've set prefs/canvas/zoom to 2 page and now the score comes up readable, but every part created during a session is totally zoomed in. I can make the parts (individually) revert to normal size by:
1. Toggle between full screen and not full screen. E.g. if I'm not in full screen, then going to full screen (via Mac control, not MS) forces the part to normal size, and leaving full screen it stays normal size. If I am in full screen when I open a part, then leaving full screen makes the part go back to normal size.
2. Moving MS from my large monitor to my laptop display, and once again, once the part is forced to normal size it sticks there.

I'm still having similar problems, in July 2023. I have just downloaded 4.2, hoping that the problem might have been fixed, but the initial view size for Parts is still huge.
The view is OK when I open the whole score - opening at "Whole Page" or "100%" according to the setting on the computer. But if I open an individual part, it is massive. The view %age, bottom left, when a part is opened, shows a setting of 0%, but opens very large (on my laptop, this seems to relate to 285%). Clicking on the % sign shows that my chosen size is "Whole Page" or "100%", not 0% (or 285%).
It's a bit annoying, as it doesn't matter if I've viewed the part at the right size before (in the same session, or during a previous session). Parts always open large. Although they only show "0%" the first time they are opened, but if closed they reopen at "285%", with that figure being the one shown. It's all very odd!
I use MuseScore on both Linux (Manjaro) and Windows 10, but not a Mac.

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